Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Simpsons and Diversity: We Must Celebrate Our Differences!

How many people understand the concept
of diversity and implement it?
Diversity does not mean that you give
up your space and human rights to minority
groups, diversity means that if one sees
differences in others (they could be the same
race or different), you respect their
individuality, instead of attacking,
belittling, or disapproving them.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Long Live, Innocent Friendships for Jingle (Chuanhui Peng)

At second grade, three girls gathered
to be Jingle's best friends,
their names are Yonghui (Forever Wisdom) Dai,
Wenhui (Literature Wisdom) Wu,
Taohui (Peach Wisdom) Zhu,
Jingle's name was Chuanhui (Passing Wisdom) Peng,
four of them spent time watching the same movies,
attending new year's parties...They separated
before jingle entered seventh grade.
Missing them!!!

Image Credit:, on China, Chinese Culture, best friends, pandas, and more..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Science Museum of Oklahoma: The Mind Blowing Red-Crowned Crane

When Sheng and Tom were young,
Justin and I took them to
science museums on weekly basis,
Kids become happier when they're outdoors,
or engaged in stimulating activities.
Science Museum of Oklahoma,
home to Kirkpatrick Planetarium,
is a fantastic treat, hands-on activities,
Robert show, Chemical reaction show,
they are eye opening to Sheng and Tom.

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ShawnTao (Celestial Peach) High School: A Home That Honors Jingle's Family!

ShawnTao High School at ShawnTao County
is where Jingle graduated,
Where cousins Forever Jade Green (Yongcui) Yan,
and husband Far-sighted (ZiYuan) Young
were high school math teachers,
Jingle got encouragements from both of them,
Young would give Jingle extra math problems to solve,
Yan would cook for Jingle's father and grandmother
when they came visiting!

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ShawnHigh TanJi: A Dream University To Be!

Well, ShawnHigh TanJi (ShangHai TongJi) University
is one of those place Jingle has dreamed to be,
yet not being able to visit to satisfy, sadly,
Jingle used to have a high school classmate
attending college in ShawnHigh, ecominic situation
during college blocked the opportunity
to see TongJi, as you see,
TongJi is creative, and lovely.

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LBJ Library & Museum: A Charming Place To Unwind!

Lyndon Baines Johnson Libryary & Museum
(LBJ Library) is a fantastic attraction
at University of Texas at Austin,
they have history properly represented,
free of charge. The environment outside
is charming, sheng and Tom have taken lots
of photos around there, love the waterfall,
and the walk way in front of the building.
LBJ was amazing.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ruby Lin: Her Beauty Is Powerful!

Ruby Lin co-starred the same movie
with Vicki Zhao, both of them
are princesses, she's her own beauty,
the relationship she develops
with her lover are totally
different, and she is a character
with tragedy and pain, she has carried
out her role beautifully, for example,
being blind and feeling helpless,
she's a talented actress.

Image Credit: Lin, Middle (Rain Butterfly Lyrics)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Julie and Sandy: You Can Make Life A Celebrity!!!

Top:Julie Wright: Daughter of Dr. David Wright
Bottom: Sandy Wright, Daughter of Dr. Mantini

It's time for a special family,
Dr. Wright taught me Algebra,
Dr. Mantini educated me
mathematical instruction,
I may not have performed good enough
to their satisfaction,
But I DO like Julie and Sandy,
Great big thanks to Dr. Mantini
for teaching Sheng and Sandy Calculus I,
I knew that it's a job well done!

Oklahoma Youth Orchestras: The American Eagle

Oklahoma Youth Orchestras
is a program in honoring and
encouraging young musicians,
They have weekly Monday night
practices sessions,
Three seasonal concerts
each term, Bob is a handsome
guy who is considerate, and
self disciplined, Both Sheng
and Tom enjoy their time there,
and are recognized by their talent,
check out auditions for Fall today.

  Image Credit: Oklahoma Youth Ochestras,

Jerry Bona: We Honor Your Friendship and Support!

 Justin, Sheng, Jerry Bona and Wife, Austin, TX, 1999

The first time I saw Jerry Bona
is at his Austin home, where
he hosts a dinner party, with his
Chinese student cooking
spicy Sichuan noodles,
Later, Justin and I had dinner
with Jerry and his Italian wife
a few times, we had fun talking...
I attended UT spouse program
by the wife, she's sweet.

Jingle, Tom, Sheng, Justin, Jerry Bona, wife, and Their Research partner,
Austin, Texas, 1998 ..down Town 

I bless Jerry's former wife, shown above, loved her while we stayed in Austin, TX.
Jerry Bona, Thanks for being friendly, 
still remember the flowers and vase you drew on napkins 
while we were in the restaurant, you are a gentle soul, at times, 
loving too much may hurt, hope that 
you have stayed in touch with your former wife. take good care.