Friday, September 28, 2012

Me As Bat, Frog, or Eagle In Nature By Jo Shapcott

Judy Underwood, Chasing Rainbow, Via

Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

My life as a bat
is for hearing
the world.
If I pitch it right,
I can hear
just where you are.
If I pitch it right,
I can hear inside your body,
the state of your health.
and more, I can hear
into your mind.
But death is not listening.
My life as a frog
is for touching
other things.
I'm very moist
so I don't get
stuck in the water.
I'm very moist
so I can cling
onto your back
for three days
and nights.
Frog death is
My life as an eagle
is for seeing,
everything, far and near.
My eyes are sharp
and the density
of the air is subtle.
It's sweet enough
to surprise
the least of your being.
from extremely,
far away,
eagle death is
the blinded eyes.

Monday, September 17, 2012

This and That, I'm Not Sure Why I Feel So Upset At Times!

I cannot stop pondering, this and that,
How does knowledge work its way to Italy?
I think of Austin,
a part time job and two young boys dominate everything;
I recall sunset at Chicago,
The echoes of survival and a baby toddler block my eyeballs;
And while time at New Jersey, or Princeton is short though,
I'm thrilled to see Broadway of NYC and Penn State Capital;
The will to achieve residence via academic contribution
keeps you working and supporting;
First Sheng then Tom,
We settle at an OK home
without much problem...
Seven years of graduate studies to obtain wisdom,
to see kids grow, tall and nimble,
Looking back, not much setbacks
until recent year, a big blur
or a huge black clouds keep roaming around my space,
how, why, ...too sad to admit the possible defeats...

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Silly Me on Money and Its Impacts!

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My days would be simple matter
if we did not have to compete,
If we never had to utter
"What they do won't affect me,
even if their performance look better,
without earning more money?"
Yes, if money were honey,
I would not hunger for much of it,
If we knew how to manage business
without growing fat to ruin our happiness,
then I would stay put,
and whatever non-profit to feel good.