Friday, November 13, 2015

I Do count My Blessings!

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Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 Rock-N-Roll toys from New York,
Hollywood, Technology, and Preteen Set,
that's news from Anne D'innocenzio

David Brandon says it,
today doing toy business is great,
we appreciate those parents, educators who make phrases

a 10 m donation made to OU,
that's Edmond news of K. S. McNutt,
plus Chad Richison seo of Paycom Software Inc.

thankfulness comes in November 26th,
that's the day we have family reunion, and eat Turkey,
also that's the way Anthony Slater plays sports reports.

I am thankful to newspapers,
I am grateful to libraries,
I am indebted to many people who include us as potluck participants.

ABC Wednesday is a ruby thing,
Roger Owen Green enjoys honesty then,
glad that Black Lawrence Press introduces poetry from PA,  Mr. Buchen


quirky scarecrow...

  14 creative scarecrows | Curious, Funny Photos / Pictures

 ABC Wednesday     r is Rock-N-Roall Stuart

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

short story slam week 32: unexpected events

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

I don't expect snail mails,
I don't hope for loss of homes,
I don't accept rude manners,
I don't write negative comments.

what's unexpected? that's
when Vetetian Peng posts for Six Word Saturday,
when Christina Mulvane links to ABC Wednesday,
and when Florence Cojitoab promotes Three Word Wednesday

what's the surprise today? that's
when bluebell books twitter club vouches for yaboo bats,
when kate neal virginia ann hargis asks for football hats,
when Mojo and Applebee cook pastas for orange spirits.

Hall of fame is infamous,
North Boomer is home to Pioneers,
Hartfort lays near Lynn street,
Wojin and Brin decide to join Octoberwrimonth