Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From: "The Perkins"

One day when I was home alone a parcel was left at the door I opened it and there was a box. Inside there were puzzle pieces. I didn't think much of it and left it at that. Later that night when I was in bed and I heard noises outside my window. Scared, I decided to solve that strange puzzle to keep my mind off of the spooky noises. As I was putting it together I realized that the puzzle was of my bed room scared and yet curious I continued to solve the puzzle. Until I noticed that I was in the puzzle solving a puzzle and that there was a tall dark man outside my window holding a knife!! Totally freaked and dazed I looked slowly up at my window and there he was the man from the puzzle looking at me!! I screamed as loud as I could and ran into the lounge and tried to tell mum what had happened. She completely ignored me like I was invisible or something. That was when I realized she COULDN'T see me.  Horrified I ran outside only to feel a sharp pain right in my back I turned expecting the man from the puzzle. As soon as our eyes met.........I woke up!

I know everyone hates that ending but I cant think of anything else so there! (ha ha)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

the joking side

red river,
lyndon johnson library and museum
big sweet birthday cake sits

new hampshire,
cisco bus tour
elaine gives away lindsay's marbles
john jack june turner sings marathon

will rogers terminals
brin, joe, schamidt, page, and schapiro does one legged hopping,
sonic fries taste hot
cornet. murphy, walton, disney, and jacobs nodd their heads to elsa


comics by chris giarrusso

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