Saturday, May 16, 2015

Zachariah, Stephen, Morton, Pine, Stanley, Aobama, Ridge, Burns, and Tiayan

if you wish to win approval of Hargis,
You must stay calm, confident, and silent,
Supporting Henry Bellmon, Bryn Mawr, Serge Lang, Bill Bus Jaco,
Never litter those who have knowledge on math and science.
Robert Myers wins fame at Myers Park,
Rebecca, Indie, Anna, Ute, Juliette, Elise, and Mymy recognize Ingham Plaza,
Bill William Henry Gates feels good at Williams food shop,
Sam Walton, Sanjiv Puri, Paul Tippens, Mark Turner, and Peter Morris
obtain expertise on food science, physics fluids.
To stay in focus,
We look at Gallagher-Iba Arena basketball sports,
Visit Old Central museum of Higher Education at Ok state,
Scan books at Edmond Low, Yale, Perkins, Enid, or Ponca city library.
See  Zachariah, Stephen, Morton, Pine, Stanley, Aobama, Ridge, Burns, and Tiayan
Add David Henneberry, D. G. Kabe, Dale Alspach, Anothony Kable,
Benny Evans, Alan Noell, Zhengyan Lin, Chris FRancisco, Jiahong Wu,
Yanqiu Wang, John Wolf, David Wright, Tao Li, Cathrine Castle, Ning Ju,
Kay Baker, Patricia Jordan, Peter Constantin, Jerry Bona, Meijun Zhu,
Fanghua Lin, Ping Zhang, Quansen Jiu, Baoquan Yuan, Chengtong Qiu,
Weiping Li, Suzie Parsons, Katye Perry, John Stein-brink, William Segall...
Slices of ham,
Pieces of beef jerk links original flavor,
a bottle of Diet Coke,
OSU Antique orange color T-shirts and postcards,
That's beautiful items for the May 13th of 2015.
places produce differences,
products grow wisdom and satisfactions,
let peace reside inside,
let the high tide of Atlanta ocean rise to a novel height.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A chipotle bowl

Mexican Grill
Rice, sliced peppers, steak,
plus tomato and black beans,
a bowl of tom yum.
China Wok,
Happy Moon egg drop soup,
Long Garlic cuts on top,
A cylinder of swimming golds.
Age of Adaline movie,
Cathy, Ellis, William, Darla, Judith, Mimi, Jennifer,
an accident love and drama,
the coin-incidence is invincible.
unconditional love produces peace,
Brad Henry wishes to be Sergey Brinn,
Curt Sharp thinks of Sheng Wu,
Chad Page tries to act like Matt Rowling.