Monday, February 15, 2016

amazing grace all around Padraig Paddie Brennen, Martha Minow, Joseph William Singer, and Mira Singer

who cares about where we come from,
but we do ask ourselves; we do care our roots

for Martha Minow, Mira Singer, and Joseph Bill Singer,
their weight of body falls hard on New Trier township high School

as stories reveal one background from another,
we wish to extend our gratitude to Winnetka, Elm street,

A woman of law and beauty, a Menard from New Trier township high,
Martha has lots of laughters with her friends, neighbors

She dares challenging people to break sterotypoes
and promote Diane Tye, Lorrecia Pearson, Padraig Paddie Brennen

lots of  staff care about their administrators and school rules,
thus, we includ Jan Churchwell, Jeanne Winsted Rosse, and Jerome Hoynes in place

a service is serious contribution,
Hamilton Chang, Jan Gargula, Gerri Kahnweiler, and Debbie Van Solkema care

so do Sandy Forrester, Brian Leverenz, Shiping Ma, Baoxia Zhen, Nianyu Wang,
and we indeed value Jianguo Meng, Yanzhen Wang, Chuanzhen Peng, Ying Liu

a high school leads to a college and a graduate school,
we feel good about Northwestern University McCormick school, school of law

way to go, joseph Singer and Martha Minow, Mira Singer,
and i am sure Lois Cross, Stefan Mozer, Charles Rosenberg, Jonathan Rosenberg feel cool.

as for Evanston law makers, we include Ronald Allen, Karen Alter, Bridget Arimond
and give a Go to John elson, Lynn Cohn, Sheila Bedi, Esther Barron...

Barack Obama and Joe Biden often discuss law issues,
so do Mike Barsa, Janet Siegel Brown, Harold Washington, Pat Vaughan Tremmel, and Daniel Rodriguez

Pat Vaughan Tremmel

Saturday, February 13, 2016

short story slam wek 38; the stories untold and yet to come in your own mailbox

how can I decline university of California, Berkeley,
how can I ignore Standford University musical folks, Jerry Yang?

when i wonder where I shall go, digging stories,
I find myself dwelling at Cambridge, Boston, Hanover, Nashville

i fall asleep without peace,
because a dark swirl appear in my face

i am alerted, i am reminded to know the facts:
millions of people who are outstanding, not winning fame from bluebell twitter club fans

thus, I listen, and i react,
I speak, and i get upset

I find my way to know the truth,
Harvard University faculty, staff, science, technology, all are good

thus, i suggest that, if you read this, do write a story
about Harvard University graduates, and let them feel lots of pride

I regret that I do looking around, yet sticking my face
to Brown University, Rice, University, Nu, and Yale University most of the times.

Harvard University stands out
I never agree to say negative things, thus

please do respect us,
and allow millions of witty folks unfolding their beautiful stories.

way to go, Paul Barreira, Lisa Coleman, Marty Walsh, Kirk Caldwell,
David Lassner, David Ige, David Maher, Albert Wang, Frank Wang, Chris Shrock

go, oklahoma school of math and science,
good luck, Emily Wang, Nathan Wood, Tom Wu, Ben Loper, Chris Raun, Neel Rao

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