Friday, August 31, 2012

For My Husband: Your Love Is Juicy and Thought-Provoking!

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I have deposited part of you
to enlarge the rooms
that have become crowded
and that's my glory.
your tolerance and patience glow,
Five stars of your attitude,
Seven flashes of your spark,
You're the brightest to know.
This part of you
I withdraw from you to inspire the earth,
when your courageous nerve wants a rescue
it constitutes rebirth.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Goat-Ji-De (GoJet) And The Holloween In Summer's Air (Mini Fiction Week 25)

The day is rich and slim,
while ducks (ya) swim,
Goats (go) moo with thick wool
and GoJet (Goat-Ji-De) reschedules its routine,
Rain wipes off the texture off the pasture,
in honor of winter,
The pumpkin patch is filled
with king sized orange balls,
Wilson trucks wait to
turn these wild gangs
into haunted faces,
where witches and ghostly wishes
are worshiped (wool-shipped) at decorated homes,
Trees are flushed with thoughts
of leave-taking, and electric-wire wearing,
The milky sky blinks its eyes,
Sending flocks of geese afloat
and southern bound,
The shape of V flutters
like a scarf of pure wool from a sheep or goat,
in dreams, the maturity of autumn
enfolds a spent world
mutely and mildly...

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Terms: Du is for Ducks or Ya,
             GoJet is for Goat-Ji-De,
            Wool-Shipping Is interchangeable with wor-shiping,
            Wu can be written in English terms as Woo, Wood, Woods, Wool, Wall, Word...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Just A Game, Participation Is The Key In Olympic or Other Contests!

For those who failed to win,
Please understand one important thing:
It's just a game,
Although you have worked hard on your part,
but for each contest, there's only one winner,
thus participation shall be honored after all,
we shall encourage participation,
not just pure winning intention,
winners are lucky,
but the status is temporary,
wait until next time,
when you are fully prepared and ready to strike,
then your strength and persistence pay back,
while some of this year's winners may drop out,
the Olympic spirit shall always focus on participation,
i wish you good luck if you lose,
I wish you better luck if you win,
regardless the outcomes,
everyone shall enjoy the light on your country,
and smile to shake off or let go,
It's just a game,
as long as you have tried your best,
no need to blast with bad mindset,
Keep showing your talent and skills,
let the cup of sunshine give refills.

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