Sunday, March 27, 2016

short story slam week 41

Wordle 244 


Carpe Diem #948 brush 

 cold blood
 bon fire sentiments

 crooked smoke
 big ball cactus

 God's wine cups
phantoms and pebbles visualizes our veins

three angles
a triangle is a plane for holding the moon words

weekend sadness
a bright star crashes down to nameless lake of peking

Greek love stories
clammy lady drops her skirts for an unidentified racoon

smell and senses
none of these cook misleading meals

Re: haiku

a brutal cactus love
dense and clammy inside out
wrong corrections

trace of fingure prints
lower key typos sing nightingales
humaning birds walks

Nature's art 

 About Plants: Is Hoodia Cactus Really Benefit To Weight Loss
Six Word Saturday 

Brutal. dense thoughts fire the clans

short story slam week 41, on life's obstacles or on versions beyond normal domain (March 24--April 10, 2016) 

3WW Week No. 472

 brutal, dense, clammy
On the bridge 


Monday, March 7, 2016

short story slam week 40, and houston children's museum

File Name: #784380 Dandelion Photos by Naomi Merdinger on FeelGrafix

short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug (Mar 3--Mar 27, 2016)

  Children's Museum of Houston ~ Houston, TX - R We There Yet Mom?
H is for Houston, Texas friends

Thanksgiving parade at Houston
food packages sent to homeless lords

Courtyard hotel dinner, 
turkey dishes divine

a call to Dallas computer engineer's wife,
she visits him from Austin Health Center medical record office

November 24, 1998,
11 months old Tom walks near a space rocket at Houston space center

November 27, 1998,
5 year old Sheng Wu runs along Red River and post for Bunny character with Zach Lewis-Hill,

May 22, 1999,
Houston Children's museum adds play houses for curious kids

Amanda Huang, Richard Huang, Tiffany Huang,
Cathy Lin, Timothy Lam, Nikki Lewis-Hill, and Sofina Yuan make friends

Hailstones, London Double Deck bus, Stillwater News press,
Dale Alspach, William Jaco, Tao Li, Taolee Yan, and Alan Noel do awesome math

when Stephan Wilson does human science,
David Henneberry and William Raun do soil science, and agriculture expension

Chad Penn, Weilin Zhang, Burns Hargis, Benny Evans all work on research
David Wright, Jiahong Wu, Robert Myer, and Igor Pritsker rise for math awards

Mary Schuette, Michzel Schuette, Chris Combe discuss law issues,
Yan Chen, Jian Cao, Natalie Fluretts, Owen Schapiro guard Mary Block museum items

 Yi Cui Group - Stanford University  Yi Cui, standford University

 Space Center Houston: A Tour in Photos | Space Museums