Monday, January 25, 2016

mellow yellow monday, in green and gold

in green and gold...

covered by thick crust of french bread
shivering in vague green and yellow
the Rome peony stretches its arms,
absorbing lots of deep rooted wine smells

Monday is a day for work
Without question
Laynie and Baylee fly south
giving Gloria Zhu an unexpected surprise.


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

bluebell books short stroy slam week 37

Cool Play Tent for Kids with Camo Color and Durable Construction by Pacific Play Tent

short story slam week 37: January 21, to February 7, 2016, safari tent adventures

Emotion burns,
Scarlet Bus runs,
whataburger has house blend coffee,
Joseph Mondalek feels the favor from Mooris Shatory

an lunch order for Heyam Sweis at Edmond,
which is cold and spicy for Woody Guthrie,
getting on west 44, south 35, and turnpike 40 highway,
we reach Walmart and Murphy USA

South Western avenue is far far away,
Yet, Ken Shelton, Thomas Cain, and Lottie Klein have no fear,
they drive a long distance 
reaching Sky Ranch Elementary

before that, Swadley hamburger is handy,
Gulf fuel is close to Dewey,
Brink Junior High is close by,
Westmoore High on Jaguras Way or Westmoore Way is yummy as apple pie

Lewisville is next to Super Cao Yuan Military bay,
I bet Willard and Bob enjoy Mannford Jiffy,
when Bill Bus Jaco decides to connect to Jimmy Chou,
things change due to Dequan Feng and Wangbing Dai.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

short story slam week 36

short story slam week 36, Dec. 31, 2015 --Jan 17, 2016

butterfly sails high
green earth rotates below
Sasha sits on a cloud
her eyes open wide
her mouth grins big
she waves hi
with a friend named Sheep White
twikling stars blink their eyes
some call out for attention to Tomas
while others believe in justice
future unknow
today is white
childhood fatasy
everyone feels right