Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things In Vein, Reality In Pain!

 Red Christmas Love =Hong Sheng Dan Ay(a)

just sit and rust,
so you won't trust
enough to the settlement
in things.
We are projecting the world with trash,
and how values are coated with cash.
We can place men on the moon,
but can we fly high enough
to see the whole picture
and stop our souls from shrinking.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reading At Night By David Ignatow (1914-1997)

what have I learned that can keep me
from the simple fact of my quitting?
None of the ideas I read stay
with me for long, I find the dark
closed in about me as I close
the book and I hurry to open it
again to let its light shine
on my face.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time Calls (Short Fiction Week 29 and Poets Rally Week 75)

Thursday Short Story Slam Week 29: Dramas and Freedom

The sky is a mirror of nature's mood,
and it reflects what's going on
in the world's Heaven-hood,
because there is always a forest to ponder upon.
when the day is happy,
We see sunshine and light,
When the day turns moody,
We encounter rain, pain, and fright.
At times when the day is consistently hot,
That's summer we've got,
If the day is frozen cold,
we have winter then, grey and old.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wonderment (Poetry and Life), Rainbo Bunnies

Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 74 (October 4 -October 10) 


Jack in the box,
Jack in the box,
Business, services, and customers,
Cashiers, cooks, and managers,
The dynamics are incredibly grinning.

Olive Garden,
Olive Garden,
Why do you beg everyone's pardon?
Italy, France, and Canada,
Chile, Mexico, and America;
The cuisine and the demos are stunningly promising.
Princeton, New Jersey,
Princeton, New Jersey,
What's been written upon the loss of Susan?
Birth, growth, and death,
the sun, the moon, and the earth,

God has taken her to Mighty Heaven!, Mosaic Wall Tile